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Recent changes in requirements for Mandatory Continuing Education and Licensure.

Dentists must now complete 60 hours of approved formal continuing education each triennial registration period. This requirement is prorated for dentists whose registration period is after July 1, 2008. A total of 18 hours may be self-instructional course work or home study as approved by the NYSED.

Dental Jurisprudence/Ethics – This minimum three-hour course covering the ethical aspects related to the practice of dentistry in New York is required on a one-time basis. This course can be taken by going to the New York State Dental Foundation website.

Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) became law January 1. You are required to continually maintain certification in the course of your choice. North Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp (NAVAC) and the Fifth District have coordinated to hold courses in the Professional Grade CPR (AHA) in all our counties. Please call 315-458-7514 for more information. Dental_Requirement_for_CPR_Certification

Infection Control – Required to be taken every four years (OSHA). A home-study course may be purchased from the NYS Dental Foundation website.

Oral Cancer/Tobacco Cessation – Dentists must complete a 2 hour course in the oral health effects of tobacco and its products with prevention and detection of oral cancer. This is a one-time requirement. If you have taken the Oral Cancer Detection and Prevention course offered by the NYS Dental Foundation, you have completed this requirement.

Risk Management- While not required for re-licensure, taking a risk management course can provide malpractice premium reductions up to 10% per year for a three year period. Please check with your carrier to see what courses they accept.