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Dental Amalgam Separator Inspections

6NYCRR Subpart 374-4, Standards for the Management of Elemental Mercury and Dental Amalgam Wastes at Dental Facilities (effective May 12, 2006) requires dental facilities to install dental amalgam separators; recycle dental amalgam waste and elemental mercury; and maintain records on the installed separator and recycled dental amalgam wastes.

Onondaga County WEP is in the process of inspecting dental offices and have found most operating and maintaining separators very well.  However, very few offices were following the law exactly to the letter.  As a result, a few areas of improvement were pointed out.

  • Filters must be changed when full.  (Part 374-4.2 (a)(5)).
  • Dentists must have amalgam waste storage containers. (Part 374-4.2 (b)). Dentists must comply with the record keeping requirements. (Part 374-4.2 (c) and (d)).
  • Dentists must abide by the prohibitions contained in Part 374-4.2 (e).

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