Board of Governors

Fifth District Board of Governors

  • Immediate Past President

    Dr. Steven Stacey

  • Jefferson – Lewis County

    Dr. Chelsea Eppolitio

  • Madison County

    Dr. Emily Johnson

  • Oneida – Herkimer County

    Dr. Mitchell Wilbert

    Dr. LIsa Lester

    Dr. Donna Cotrupe

    Dr. Stephen Dudek

  • Onondaga County

    Dr. Michael McGarvey

    Dr. Patrick Smith

    Dr. Annamaria DeMichele

    Dr. Marc Engle

    Dr. Terrence Thines

    Dr. James Wanamaker

  • Oswego County

    Dr. Patrick Madden

  • St. Lawrence County

    Dr. Jonathan Zysik

  • Parliamentarian

    Dr. William Karp

NYSDA Representatives

  • Trustee

    Dr. Margaret Madonian

  • Delegates

    Dr. Walter Bozek

    Dr. William Karp

    Dr. Stephen Passalacqua

    Dr. Pablo Elizondo

    Dr. Lynn Stacy

    Dr. Kevin Sorge

ADA Delegates

  • Delegates

    Dr. Margaret Madonian

    Dr. Stephen Passalacqua